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Group and Community Yoga in Plainfield

Improve Your Health & Wellbeing

Join the only officially registered yoga studio in Plainfield


Why Yoga? How can it help?

Our yoga classes have helped students with debilitating back pain, loss of flexibility and range of motion due to injury,  and even anxiety and depression find new hope and joy through their yoga practice.

Our yoga classes provide a place for healing and support through all challenges of life. From helping children and adults to focus and find the happiness they seek, to helping gain mobility and pain-free living, to helping assist in the recovery from various types of abuse and trauma.

We invite you to join us, we invite you to the transformation that happens inward when you put in the work and show up to your mat. It starts with you and we have the honor of being there to help when needed!

At Balance & Breath Yoga, You Will Find

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Start your journey to a healthier you today.

Discover the difference that Balance & Breath Yoga can make in your life. Select one of the following offers to begin your journey.

If you're new to yoga, this is a great way to see the benefits of B&B yoga first-hand.

Take advantage of our best offer and enjoy two weeks of unlimited yoga classes for just $33.

Register for one of our 4 week Yoga for Beginners Courses. Classes meet for four 75 minute class sessions.


Balance and Breath Yoga is the perfect yoga studio near me. They offer yoga near me and yoga classes near me. Great for those starting out and looking for beginner yoga near me.

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