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Why Private Yoga Lessons?


Most of our clients are busy professionals who want to learn yoga for one reason or another. Think of us as a personal trainer but with yoga!


Why do clients seek private lessons?

  • manage stress

  • loose weight

  • gain mobility

  • trying to reach a specific goal

  • mental health  

  • moving deeper into their yoga practice 

  • they don't enjoy community classes but like in-person sessions

  • the list goes on! 


Why Balance & Breath Coaches and Personal Trainers?

  • Flexible appointment times that fit most schedules. 

  • In studio or live steam classes available.

  • Private and duet classes available by appointment only.

  • our team has a wide array of certifications to help you heal!

"Coaching with Meditation and breath work are improving my mental health, relationships, and life."
"Mindset coaching paired with yoga, helped my confidence, positivity, & productivity, 
advancing my career."
"This is a realistic way for me to safely loose weight and build body positivity. The flexibility and individualized learning work well for my schedule." 

Contact us today!

The first step to getting signed up for private lessons is to first have a connection call and get to know your private trainer. 

One App,
Many Uses

Use our app to easily view your account, book classes and receive studio updates! 

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