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Why Private Classes?

Why Private yoga?  Most of our clients are busy professionals who want to learn yoga for one reason or another. Think of a personal trainer but with yoga! Our clients seek private lessons to help manage stress, loose weight, gain mobility, and the list goes on. 

What are your goals?

How can we help you reach them? 

With our personal trainers, coaches, and yoga trainers, we have a team of professionals ready to help you!

Many of our clients seek private instruction because they are are looking for support to reach a goal!  We often see clients who for one reason or another need a little extra push and guidance to reach their desired outcome!   
Over the past year we have asked our clients to share their reasons for private sessions, and this is what they said!  
"I better understanding and have accountability with nutrition and diet."
 "This is a realistic ways for me to safely loose weight and build positive body mindset"
"Coaching with Meditation and breath work are improving my mental health, relationships, and life"
"Mindset coaching along with yoga  help my confidence, positivity & productivity  advancing my career."
"Being able to learn yoga in privates to build and learn, working my way up to public classes."
"Safely adding physical activity through yoga, and building strength after my injury"
"The flexible schedule and the individualized learning  work well for my schedule." 
Why Balance & Breath Coaches and Personal Trainers?
Flexible appointment times that fit most schedules.  
In studio or live steam classes available.  
Private and duet classes available by appointment only.
Contact our studio to set up a discovery meeting and find out how yoga will help you today!
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