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Why Life Coaching or Private Yoga Lessons?


Hi! I'm Ellie, Master Life Coach, Consulting Hypnotist, NLP & EfT Practitioner, Reiki & Sound Healer, homesteading momma of three, bee keeper, yogi, RYT trainer and multi passionate entrepreneur!

I am the creator of Tools for Transformation Coaching, my personal brand, and the Founder of Balance & Breath Yoga and Wellness located in Plainfield, IN where I teach my clients and yoga students to incorporate these holistic wellness practices into their daily routines.

By doing so my clients experience a profound transformation in their overall well-being. From nurturing their physical health with nourishing foods and regular movement to fostering their mental and emotional wellness through mindfulness and self-care, their journey towards a more harmonious and fulfilling life begins with a commitment to holistic wellness.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of coaching and private yoga sessions?  Learn more about Ellie  and her work here

Most of our clients are busy professionals who want to learn yoga or seek coaching for one reason or another. 


Why do clients seek private sessions?


  • improve Self-talk

  • strengths identification

  • manage stress

  • positive behavior changes that last

  • loose weight

  • goal attainment

  • gain mobility

  • trying to reach a specific goal

  • mental health  

  • moving deeper into their yoga practice 

  • they don't enjoy community classes but like in-person sessions

  • the list goes on! 

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"Coaching with Meditation and breath work are improving my mental health, relationships, and life."
"Mindset coaching paired with yoga, helped my confidence, positivity, & productivity, 
advancing my career."
"This is a realistic way for me to safely loose weight and build body positivity. The flexibility and individualized learning work well for my schedule." 
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