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About BB Yoga

Who are we? 


We are a group of passionate and driven individuals dedicated to the care of our emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.We love yoga, We love people, We love our community, and we offer yoga and wellness practices to everyone in our community regardless of social status, physical ability, or financial standing.

What we've created


A trauma informed community offering diversity-sensitive mindfulness based yoga and wellness practices for marginalized individuals to gather for spiritual well being, support, healing, resilience, self development,connection, belonging, and positive social change. 



Providing inclusivity, connection, and access to all in their journey to find emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing while reconnecting to their highest potential in their journey to inner peace. 

Our Mission!


We aim to move youth, adults, and seniors facing poverty, homelessness, abuse, addiction, PTSD, incarceration, emotional hardship  and more  to a more eco conscious & mindful lifestyle, promoting a sustainable approach to life involving a deep connection with nature & spirituality through the principals of yoga, permaculture, regenerative agriculture, natural living, and sustainability by breaking down financial and cultural barriers to proven healing practices, self development, and personal growth within our community.   

Our Core Values:


  • Yoga is much more than Asana

  • Everyone brings something to the table

  • Teaching should be trauma informed 

  • Cueing should be inclusive 

  • All should feel valued and welcomed 

  • Yoga should be accessible to anyone it is inaccessible to due to physical and financial barriers 

  • Everyone should have a place for connecting and belonging within their community

  • Everyone should have access to developing mindful, eco conscious & sustainable living lifestyles 

  • Be in the world and not of the world 

One App,
Many Uses

Use our app to easily view your account, book classes and receive studio updates! 

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