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BBYWC Inc originates from Balance & Breath Yoga, with Ellie bravely realizing her vision and establishing BBYWC in 2023 with the support of the Balance and Breath community. Ellie and the BBYoga community are currently setting the groundwork for BBYWC to flourish and impact lives in Hendricks, Morgan, Boon, and Pitman Counties. We are grateful to our community for being part of this journey and eagerly anticipate what lies ahead. All activities, workshops, teacher trainings, and events at BB Yoga play a crucial role in laying the foundation for our growth. Want to join us in this dream? Attend a board meeting by emailing, and Ellie will provide you with all the details. We would love to have you!

Who are we? 


We are a group of passionate and driven individuals dedicated to the care of our emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.We love yoga, We love people, We love our community, and we offer yoga and wellness practices to everyone in our community regardless of social status, physical ability, or financial standing.

What we've created


A trauma informed community offering diversity-sensitive mindfulness based yoga and wellness practices for marginalized individuals to gather for spiritual well being, support, healing, resilience, self development,connection, belonging, and positive social change. 



Providing inclusivity, connection, and access to all in their journey to find emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing while reconnecting to their highest potential in their journey to inner peace. 

Our Mission!


We aim to move youth, adults, and seniors facing poverty, homelessness, abuse, addiction, PTSD, incarceration, emotional hardship and more to a more eco conscious & mindful lifestyle, promoting a sustainable approach to life involving a deep connection with nature & spirituality through the principals of yoga, natural living, and sustainability by breaking down financial and cultural barriers to proven healing practices, self development, and personal growth within our community.   

Our Core Values:


  • Yoga is much more than Asana

  • Everyone brings something to the table

  • Teaching should be trauma informed 

  • Cueing should be inclusive 

  • All should feel valued and welcomed 

  • Yoga should be accessible to anyone it is inaccessible to due to physical and financial barriers 

  • Hugs are healing and should be shared often

  • Everyone should have a place for connecting and belonging within their community

  • Everyone should have access to developing mindful, eco conscious & sustainable living lifestyles 

  • Humor is essential

  • Be in the world and not of the world 



We value long-lasting relationships with our students, partners, and the communities we serve.


We believe yoga is for every body.


In all that we do and with all whom we meet, we strive for authentic and meaningful connection.


Ultimately, our goal is to empower those we serve to grow and to live more fulfilling lives through yoga.


Our services intentionally keep in mind the environmental and societal impact it has on the wellbeing of our students, customers, and workers. To sustain the accessibility of our programming, our commitment is to ensure our ethics and economic decisions are driven by worker and community benefit.

We provide monthly donation based yoga classes that supports accessible pricing for all practitioners. Our PWYC pricing allows for students to pay what they can, and compensates our practitioners for their services.


Engaging in self-awareness helps us understand our own thoughts and their influence on our lives. By practicing mindfulness, we recognize our connection with others in our community and collaboratively navigate towards collective liberation.

  • Free Mindfulness Meditation classes offered.

  • Community partnerships receive Guided Mindfulness presentations and sessions.

  • Mindfulness integrated into our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program.

Support Our Mission for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality Through Yoga Training

Picture this...


  • Rediscovering the Enchantment of Life

  • Being Part of a Sacred and Supportive Community

  • Engaging in Uplifting Spiritual Routines for Accessing Greater Guidance, Support, and Opportunities

  • Experiencing Magical Moments of Astonishment

  • Embracing Your Inner Radiance

  • Unveiling Genuine and Everlasting Joy That You Can Always Revisit

 The BB yoga Teacher Training program is flexible and self-paced, consisting of 26 modules. This training is accredited by the Yoga Alliance, and can be completed in as little as 4 months, but you can take your time if you'd like and stretch it over a 12 month time line

At BB Yoga, our aim is to offer inclusive studio classes open to everyone interested in practicing with us! We embrace you as you are, encouraging and supporting you to personalize your practice to honor you, your body, and your needs along this journey.Our center is a space where authenticity is celebrated and healing is found in humor, hugs, & community. We frequently remind our students: come as you are. Our center is a space for you to be you. Join our BB Yoga community and let our studio home become your studio home as well. We are glad you are here and can’t wait to see you in class!



  • Our mission in action through financially accessible pricing and ensuring that we always remain a donation-based studio where everyone is welcome

  • Specialized programs for specific populations like the LGBTQIA+ community, those affected by traumatic brain injuries and the accessible yoga community

  • Scholarship positions for studio memberships, workshops and trainings

  • Equitable teacher compensation

  • Administrative support


Our nonprofit’s intention is to deliver trauma-informed, diversity-sensitive, mindfulness-based yoga through partnerships with nonprofit organizations serving marginalized individuals to support healing, resilience, self-development and positive social change. Our commitment is to continue providing accessible programming and to provide employment opportunities to our local practitioners sharing these healing modalities and practices.

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