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BB Yoga Class Offerings 


Yoga for Beginners

This yoga class is for complete beginners! Expect a class that encourages exploration and growth while moving at your pace.


Yoga for Beginners offers several modifications, and plenty of encouragement to find comfort in your practice. If you are new to yoga and looking for a class that can teach you more about yoga and its practice, this is it!


We keep our class sizes small so you get the attention you deserve from our instructors!


Yoga for Strength and Mobility

In a short 45 minutes, we will work on strength and mobility for the whole body. During this class, you will be guided through a flow that uses breath and focus to encourage you to your next level in your practice.

Our instructor will provide multiple variations for each of the poses to support the flow but a basic knowledge of common poses is helpful for this class.

Candlelight Restorative

Looking to relax and release unwanted stress/ unneeded tension in the body and mind?? Look no further! This is the class for you! 

Suitable for all levels, we lead this restorative class illuminated by candlelight! This class will have you using as many props as needed to create little to no effort while holding poses. Most of this class is spent on the floor, seated or reclined, and poses are held for long periods. The slow pace of the class helps calm the mind and the breath, acting as a wonderful gateway to a meditation practice as well.

Me Time Flow

Me Time Flow, is a lovely way to get your day going! The class is based on building a calm energy for you to take with you into your day ahead by allowing a moment of time for yourself.

It is a gentle flow class that warms up the body and prepares you for the activities of your day. This class is for all levels and includes variations of each posture to work with where you're at in your practice. 

$10 Community Yoga

Join us Thursday evenings, Saturday mornings, and Sunday afternoons for a community class lead by our yoga teachers and our yoga teacher trainees! 

Classes will vary by theme and topic allowing you to explore yoga on a whole new level! This class allows you a great opportunity to learn and grow your practice while supporting our trainees in their classroom setting.

This 45 minute class will have heavy cueing and verbal adjustments allowing us to deepen our understanding for the pose. Classes will be supervised or led by our lead trainer and senior support teachers. 

Energize and Ease - AM

Energize & Ease is a great way to start your day! 

This class is a blend of energizing movement and relaxation perfect for all levels. Create heat in the body with an energizing flow to start off your class and ease into a relaxing and refreshing cool down!

Enjoy this guided flow and leave class feeling energized and at ease!

Morning Vinyasa

Morning Vinyasa highlights the fundamental and basic yoga asana postures in a vinyasa style flow.

The class is perfect for someone new to the practice or an experienced yogi wanting to revisit the fundamentals of the asana practice. Modifications will be offered to make your practice as challenging or gentle as you would like.


Morning Yin/Yang

Start your weekend off with a yoga class all about balancing movement and ease. This cozy class is a balanced blend of vinyasa flows & hatha influence! 

The yin yang approach allows you to focus on movement in a vinyasa style practice and allows you to move deeper into the body and breath by incorporating hatha influence aspects of a Yin practice. 

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow paced style of yoga focused on moving through deeper stretches. This in turn, opens the muscles and connective tissues of the body, tendons, fascia, and ligaments with the aim of increasing circulation and flexibility.


Props are encouraged and will also be cued during class. Yin is great for the student with very little experience as well as the seasoned yogi.


Hot Vinyasa I/II

HOT Vinyasa I/II is designed to flow from one pose to the next, working on strength, flexibility, and balance. This class is perfect for someone new to the practice or an experienced yogi wanting to revisit the fundamentals of the asana practice.


Our instructors offers modifications that are sure to make your practice as challenging or gentle as you would like. The studio room is set at 90-95 degrees, so please hydrate before and after class. 

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