Why Yoga? How can it help?

The Truth


The truth is most people think taking a yoga class will help stretch the body and provide a gentle workout, and this is true, for about 1% of our clients. How about the other 99%? Why do they come to the studio and unroll their mats? Let us share with you some experiences!


-Our yoga classes have helped students with debilitating back pain feel more comfortable in their bodies and move toward pain free living through their yoga class.


-Our yoga classes have helped students with loss in flexibility and range of motion due to injury get back to the activities they love through their yoga practice.


-Our yoga classes have helped students struggling with anxiety and depression find new hope and joy through their yoga practice.


Our yoga classes provide a place for healing and support through all challenges of life. From helping children and adults to focus and find the happiness they seek, to helping gain mobility and pain free living, to helping assist in the recovery from various types of abuse and trauma.


So you see, yoga is not just about stretching and zenning out with sage and stones. As instructors we all have a reason we found yoga. This is called the good, the bad, and the ugly. Though our practice we found healing and at one point or another decided to share that gift with others.


We invite you to join us, we invite you to the transformation that happens inward when you put in the work and show up to your mat. It starts with you and we have the honor of being there to help when needed!


At our studio or another, we encourage you to find a yoga class with at mimimim a 200RYT certified instructor, or a few! As a teacher I like to say " I am not everyones teacher, but I am someones teacher." So take time to find an instructor and a space that serves you and watch your practice flourish!

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