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Accessible and affordable Yoga 

It is our intention to offer as many ways as possible to help our community and nurture our team & center at the same time. In order to do this we have adjusted our pricing to better assist in meeting the needs of the studio. If further assistance is needed to attend class please check into our wellness support program.  

At BBYCW, our aim is to offer inclusive studio classes open to everyone interested in practicing with us! We embrace you as you are, encouraging and supporting you to personalize your practice to honor you, your body, and your needs along this journey.

Our center is a space where authenticity is celebrated and healing is found in humor, hugs, & community. We frequently remind our students: come as you are. Our center is a space for you to be you. Join our BBYWC community and let our studio home become your studio home as well. We are glad you are here and can’t wait to see you in class!

Require some assistance? We're here for you!


As a nonprofit organization, we are developing our Pay What You Can membership to provide additional ways to reduce any financial obstacles hindering your wellness objectives. We recognize that financial constraints can arise, but prioritizing self-care is crucial! Our aim is to offer various avenues to support our community while also nurturing our team and facility. Kindly complete the form below for our team's review. If resources permit, we will reach out to assist you!

Our Pay What You Can Membership operates on donations, enabling the studio to maintain its donation-based structure for our practitioners. By contributing, you not only gain access to a Five Class Sustainable membership and member benefits but also help sustain our inclusive spaces. This donation-based membership empowers you to select a rate that suits your financial situation. Our suggested donation amount is $25 ($5 per class).

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We value long-lasting relationships with our students, partners, and the communities we serve.


We believe yoga is for every body.


In all that we do and with all whom we meet, we strive for authentic and meaningful connection.


Ultimately, our goal is to empower those we serve to grow and to live more fulfilling lives through yoga.

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