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Can Kids Yoga benefit your child?

The benefits of yoga in children are tremendous!


Everywhere you look you see a new study that was completed outlining the benefits of meditation in children, yoga in schools, and meditation instead of detention. As adults we search for relief from depression, pain, anxiety, and all the ales that make up monkey mind in this stress filled world of today. 


Wouldn't it be nice to give your child the tools to help ease monkey mind and coo-coo brain early on in life!? 


There are countless benefits of practicing yoga in children, here are just a few! 

● Learning to release energy in a small space
● Building focus and concentration
● Gain body awareness and a feeling of well-being
● Increase strength and flexibility
● Build confidence and self-esteem, as well as self-control
● Find a sense of calm through breathing and relaxation
● Cultivate love for one's self, inside and out


Each of our yoga classes incorporate kinesthetic movement, literacy, and the arts using Yoga!

At BB Yoga we know the importance and benefits of yoga first hand, so, we  have created a space to teach children the tools of yoga so they too can experience these benefits! Our OMazing Kids Yoga  Program is created and taught by Yoga Alliance certified instructors, with continuing education and expertise in the art of teaching children yoga. 

BB Kids yoga classes are fun & energetic, with creative movement, songs, fun props, & magic yoga-mat rides! While learning yoga postures, deep breathing & relaxation techniques, together we will develop coordination, flexibility, strength & balance.


BB Kids yoga classes cultivate creativity, cooperation, kindness, an attitude of gratitude, clear minds & joyful hearts.

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