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Learn To Enrich The Lives Of Others Through Yoga

Master the tools to land the perfect teaching opportunities


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Your Practice

Our program is designed to provide students with mastery of yoga foundations to ensure the highest level teacher at a 200-hour level.


All of our curriculum is approved by the Yoga Alliance, and our RYT Training & Business Essentials container gives you the unique opportunity to not only learn to teach what you love but also how to market yourself to teach what you love!


Our training is useful and practical for those wanting to teach studio, private, and corporate classes.  We provide you with the tools in our program to nail down your niche, target the individuals you want to help most, and teach you the tools to land the perfect teaching opportunities!


If you are hoping to incorporate this training into your wheelhouse of other offerings as an entrepreneur our Business Essentials 108 is the perfect addition to your teacher training!

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For further information on our training program or to complete your next steps to becoming a RYT click the link below and we can connect! 

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